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So, I finally got everything up. Fabulous. I'm about to go and promote this shit, right here. I'm accepting 10 members at first, so in the info, you can find the application. And the reasoning for the community is basically told in the info as well. Be sure to post under this post, a COMMENT for your application. I find it more exclusive this way. Tee hee hee.

Smoooches, dolls.
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Deleted comment

Hooooray! You're the first accepted member!!!
*throws confetti*
1)Name: jessica
2)LJ Name&Link: indecisive__
3)Age: 15
4)Sex: female
5)Location: houston, texas
6)Quick, name a fruit: strawberry
7)Why you want to join this community: i like to be active, &all the communities i am in are really kind of lame. This one sounds really different, &rather unique.
8)Why you think you should be able to join this community: because i'm uber rad. &being a mod here would be fun.
9)A bit about yourself: i like going to shows on the weekend. partying is fun. i make my own clothes, when i have the time. i play bass &guitar. &that's about it.
10)Post a pic of yourself:

I loved all of your answers!
&you're sucha cutie patootie!

[[ name ]] el presidente renee.
[[ lj shits ]] beguile. {{ they open in new windows }}
[[ age ]] The big one-six. I am a little girl. Sue me. Everyone's a kid at heart.
[[ sex ]] Babe. {{ as opposed to 'dude' }}
[[ locale ]] Lincoln Park, Michigan... south of Detroit.
[[ fruit ]] Grapermelon.
[[ why retromafia? ]] Why not? Retro is hott stuff, and -mafia is always a splendid suffix.
[[ why me? ]] I guess I do my own thing. I mix things up and I am an honest, active community commenter.
[[ about me ]] It's 2AM. I'm staring at my clock while AOL kicks up. I receive an LJ-comment email and it is a recruit comment from the lovely voltaicbath. I check it out, I'm digging the swirly and cutsie fonts and the general look. I join. I start filling this out, and now... here I am nearing the bottom of the trivial persuit. So already, you know that I stay up later than I should, I have a shitty email service, and I like when chicks have lush lips that are pretty in red. Also that I enjoy tastefully used color and less than normal fonts. Other information I have to offer is that I adore fashion, though I can't afford much of my own. I deal with what I can get from the parents. I am an obnoxious, fat junior in highschool... and I love being completely random. I also love strange accessories and taking stupid pictures of myself. Sometimes I wear my hair in pigtails. PS: Ms. Retro Mafia has stunning collarbones. I think I'm in some sort of love trap.
[[ picture ]] I like to use pictures that show who I really am. I used to take the strange angled pictures of myself that hide how horrifying I look, but now I really just don't care. You shouldn't, either. I am not scene and I'm proud of that. I am soft core, white chocolate shell. :)

only ballers take greasy "i seriously just woke up from getting two hours of sleep" pics.

i have a peacoat and i love it. i also make my own purses. that one is maroon and beige and has moose.

one in which i do not look like a complete asshole. i really don't wear black too much, though.

i draw on my chucks. i am a trendy fucker. shoot me in the face.

one more.

i like pigtails. and checkered collars. and... wearing the decomposingbird saves the day shirt.

[[ the end. el fin. <2 ]]
You are absoloutely fabulous Mizz Renee.

Added like whoa.
I'm actually so fond, let me know if you would be interested in being a co-moderator.
♥! mitra ♥!
1)Name: Tonja
2)LJ Name&Link: _SilverRayne
3)Age: 22
4)Sex: Female
5)Location: Memphis Tn
6)Quick, name a fruit: Strawberry
7)Why you want to join this community: Looks interesting.
8)Why you think you should be able to join this community: Well, I was invited to come and check it out by the creator. That has to count for something.
9)A bit about yourself: Work full time, school full time and still find time to go out and be a kid.
10)Post a pic of yourself: Only one I could find in the allotted time I had.

Hot sex.
Especially with the Bam Margera going on in your icon.

Oh so approved.

name: Anali.
lj: electricxsweat
age: 14
sex: Female, of course. yay.
location: a little town called Pasadena in boring Texas.
why?: Well, I like the word retro. And I like fashion a WHOLE lot.
why i should be part of the retromafia: Because I am crazy-cool, and I would love to be a mod. *winkwink* *nudgenudge*
me: I really like blue eyeshadow. I really love shopping in thirft stores, in the little boys section. I also love...umm...taking pictures of myself. I like my glasses alot more than you do. I have a crazy-anorexic boyfriend who's insane. But fun. I'm a fan of gay culture, because those guys have the greatest fashion sense EVER. I love dollfaces, which voltaicbath happens to have. I'm a raging alcoholic who doesn't drink. I really like dancing. And I can hold a decent conversation with ANYONE about ANYTHING. except cars.

see how i look now?

me with my glasses. w00t w00t.

You're as adorable as that kitty on Shrek when he does the eyes.
Yeah, that's kinda lame, but I so awed-out-loud.
Tee hee, I really liked this,
"I'm a raging alcoholic who doesn't drink."
Adorable with flare.
Make sure to wipe your feets on the welcome mat.
1)Name: sara
2)LJ Name&Link:vomitsmoothie
3)Age: 17
4)Sex: girl
5)Location: california [come stalk me]
6)Quick, name a fruit: kiwi
7)Why you want to join this community: you told me to
8)Why you think you should be able to join this community: i am one fashionable son of a bitch. you dont even know.
9)A bit about yourself: i'm a faggot. i like gore and death metal.
9)Post a pic of yourself:
Wow. You're hot. I like the redness of your giant "X".
1)Name: Allison / Alli
2)LJ Name&Link: sandpaperdream
3)Age: Nineteen
4)Sex: Female
5)Location: Virginia (is for lovers)
6)Quick, name a fruit: Peach!
7)Why you want to join this community: Look's like it will be fun and I adore retro fashion. Not to mention I've always had a secret love for the mafia /shifty eyes.
8)Why you think you should be able to join this community: Well I'm pretty awesome haha. I like to comment-alot and I'm honest.
9)A bit about yourself: I love fashion. I start cosmetology school in august, I want to be a make-up artist for major fashion shows. I can stay in a thrift store all day. I own too many shoes. I want to learn how to swing dance. I'm obsessed with Lucille Ball. I don't have a job, unless you count eBay. I'm always taking pictures of something, usually myself. I attempt to skateboard and sew when I have the chance.
9)Post a pic of yourself:
You, Mizz Allison are a doll.
Tee hee! I like your little mafia secretism thought. ♥
I also heart that you're going to cosmo school.
That's awesome.
♥Oh so accepted!
Name: rose.
LJ Name&Link: screen_siren
Age: fourteen. don't shoot me just yet.
Sex: i'm a lady.
Location: the breadbasket, suburbia illinois, too far from chicago.
Quick, name a fruit:
kiwis :D i suck the juices out of kiwis with a straw.
Why you want to join this community:
i'm deathly ill and i was trying to think of something to do, when i remembered that crazy add_me community. what is the first thing i see, but an ad for "retro mafia" which just sounded way too nifty to be true, but alas, here i am. i was reading the userinfo and was interested, and when i heard mention of lock stock and two smoking barrels i was sold.
Why you think you should be able to join this community:
well i was thinking about it, and i finally decided that retro mafia is ready for this jelly.
A bit about yourself:
in the la vida de rose, firstly comes music, secondly comes fashion, thirdly comes my family. i call those my three f's, even if 'music' doesn't technically start with an f. this year my history teacher told me that i was about 69% irish, and 31% snazzy. which i think sums me up pretty damn well.
Post a pic of yourself:

this is a santa christmas cookie. if you look closely, you will notice that my santa is black. could it be true? indeed, because santa probably gets pretty dirty in all of those chimneys. (by the way this is a picture of me cos my hand is in it)

here's my thinking; if i were in the mafia, and the bad guys were trying to catch me, i could just one-hand-cartwheel my way outta there and continue on with my mafia ways.

that is my tiara that i call "ghetto princess," cos half the jewels are missing. and that is a hanger in my shirt, no joke.

i'm waaatching you. actually i'm not, it appears that i'm looking in the other direction.

Hippity Hip Hop!
[ONE]The cookie made me hungwy. Which reminds me that my cousin was supposed to treat me to a "make it yourself flavour of ice cream" shop, and she hasn't.
[TWO]You know what Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is. Hot Sex.

♥Mod Mitra
1)Name: carly
2)LJ Name&Link:
3)Age: 14
4)Sex: female
5)Location: chilliwack , british columbia, canada
6)Quick, name a fruit: watermelon..
7)Why you want to join this community: the layout makes me hot.haha
8)Why you think you should be able to join this community: because i heart Retro.
9)A bit about yourself: i laugh alot.. and have a very large cat.
on the RIGHT.

on the LEFT, this morning very early :O

and the FatCAT..because i mentiond it above.
Because you love the HIM.

♥mod mitra!
If i'm right, which I should be, i'm numbahh 10!

1)Name: KAYTAY
2)LJ Name&Link: ___takegoodcare
3)Age: 14 almost 15<3
4)Sex: Well if you cant tell from my peekachure, im a girl
5)Location: mee-ah-mee
6)Quick, name a fruit: I AM A BANANA!
7)Why you want to join this community: Taryn [in__mypants] said it was cool &random &that;s what I live for
8)Why you think you should be able to join this community: Because i'm so hip &retro &I own a water gun!
9)A bit about yourself: I'm the one &only KAYTAY <3chuckpalahniuk &PARTAY TIME!
9)Post a pic of yourself:

That's me, in a nutshell, showing off my candy ")

Awww shiiieeetttttt!!!!!
The water gun did it.
Welcome to le strip club.

OH! You're the first to get that cool little accept thingy majiggy.

1)Name: katiee
2)LJ: x_raz0rblades

5)Location: connecticut
6)Quick, name a fruit: strawberry
7)Why you want to join this community: i was really bored, and i found this..i thought it was cool becuase (im hoping) everyone here has a unique fashion...like me, becuaes imt ired of everyone trying to be soo scene.......
8)Why you think you should be able to join this community:becuase im awesome.
9)A bit about yourself: uhh im 16...i go to alot of concerts, i like the casualties, the misfits, the distillers, taking bakc sunday, catch 22 i dont know, just alot of different types of music...i play guitar in a band, and as a side, i also play bass and drums. alot of people i meet dont understand my style.

9)Post a pic of yourself:
warning...please excuse the ugliness...blah!


And double yew tee eff, "ugliness???"
fuck that shit.

1)Name: Jess
2)LJ Name&Link: singingmisery
3)Age: Nineteen
4)Sex: Female
5)Location: Southern California
6)Quick, name a fruit: Grapes!
7)Why you want to join this community: this community stands out from the others. I'm a pretty active member and love to meet new people. It sounds like we'll have fun in here.
8)Why you think you should be able to join this community: I was invited by limepopmafia and he loves you, so hey, why not be part of something that sounds interesting.</b>
9)A bit about yourself: I'm a college student majoring in Photography. I have been betrothed to a prince for over two years. I'm blind as a bat.I'm lead vocalist in a band called dead breakfast, but we kind of suck. I'm fluent in spanish and english(duh!) :]
9)Post a pic of yourself: Alright.

Kelly and I, our RAWR faces.

Kelly And I, our silly Faces.


Nachurah fucking lee!!!

+ded like WHOA!

1)Name: Paul
2)LJ Name&Link: asterphage
3)Age: 20
4)Sex: M
5)Location: New York motherfucking City, the center of the universe
6)Quick, name a fruit: You. Seriously though, oranges.
7)Why you want to join this community: Because I really just don't have enough stuff on my Livejournal friends page. I use the internet too much and need more entertaining information to consume. Also, you invited me.
8)Why you think you should be able to join this community: I am cool and funky fresh. I am a genius of thinking! I had a kind of hard time answering this one because if I am rejected I will probably not care.
9)A bit about yourself: I like most music and a lot of art. Also comics, animation, machinery, old buildings, giant robots, childrens' toys, driving or walking to new places, good design, tasteful clothing, attractive patterns, bright colors, subdued colors, and advertising that is not annoying.
9)Post a pic of yourself:
Back when I had a super-dorky thing going on. I sure own a lot of shirts with grids. I can no longer rock the messy hair like that because it's too long.

Something I'd do more often if it wouldn't require so much hair product:

Most recent photo I have. From yesterday. Waiting on line for something, very bored.

I passed up photos of myself with goggles, gas mask or helmet because I decided those seemed gimmicky or dishonest. Likewise a photo with the cutest ATM in New York. Besides, the mask and such will come up again whenever I get my portfolio together, or if I post about my recent 3d design work.
)Name: Branden
2)LJ Name&Link: sendmorebeer
3)Age: 19
4)Sex: M
5)Location: DETROIT
6)Quick, name a fruit: fuck you
7)Why you want to join this community: i was invited. ill be the only GUY :)
8)Why you think you should be able to join this community: i dont think i deserve shit. but if im wanted. then im wanted. if not. oh fucking well :)
9)A bit about yourself: i drink, smoke, fuck , fight, makeup, blood & guts. i do tattoos. i play bass. i scream my fucking ass off.
9)Post a pic of yourself:
title or description

sorry if its kinda dark it was a show my band did a while ago

Re: eh one more


13 years ago

1)Name: Jessica A
2)LJ Name&Link:kissmeprettyx http://www.livejournal.com/users/kissmeprettyx
5)Location: Peoria,IL
6)Quick, name a fruit:strawberry
7)Why you want to join this community: sounds like good shit
8)Why you think you should be able to join this community: cuz i'm coool.
9)A bit about yourself: i like hot pink.
9)Post a pic of yourself:

I heart all you Illinois kids.

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